System administrator & Full-stack developer
Welcome to my website

Greetings! I’m Ivan. I have strong programing skils. From assembler to high-level programming language. I’m linux system administrator for mail, file servers, virtualization, CI, CD and more. I spend my days designing and developing applications for desktop and mobile. Curently I specialize in the Sails, Feathers, Express framework on the backend and Vue.js, Quasar on the frontend.


Here are mine skills I've using in my work

  • Web application frontend
    Plain and framework in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VUE, Angular, Quasar, Django
  • Web api backend
    Node, Express, Sails, Feathers, C++, WSGI Python
  • Databases
    PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Mobile aplication
    Native and hybrid Android, iOS aplication
  • Device comunication
    Aplication driver for serial, USB and network devices
  • Linux native apps
    X11 and GKT native apps in C, C++, Python
  • Network administration
    Mikrotik, Ubnt, Asterisk, Bind, Named, OpenVPN
  • System administration
    Ubuntu, Centos, Samba, Apache, Nginx, KVM, Libvirt, Proxmox, GitLab

Get to know me

I had to throw in a picture of myself somewhere on this page. If you still prefer a traditional resume, click here for HTML version, or here for PDF version.


If you’re looking to get in contact with me for business inquiries or if you have a question, feel free to email me. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.